Megan Aranow


Communications Manager

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Margaret Cartner


Birmingham Program Manager

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Hillary Chavez


National Volunteer & Operations Coordinator

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Linnea Delucchi


Events and Adventure Fundraising Manager

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Christine Fiedler


Director of Development

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David Lee


SF Bay Area Program Manager

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Sara Elena Morales


Seattle Program Manager

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Megan Parkinson


Minneapolis St. Paul Program Manager

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Sal Prado


Denver Program Manager

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Ciara Sosnowski


Boston Program Manager

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David Taus


Executive Director

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four-legged staff

Here are BCM, we love our pet companions! They all help us do our best work. Meet them below. 


Blueberry (Bluey) gets her name from her spotted blue tongue which looks as though she ate some blueberries recently! Bluey is an avid seeker of bunnies and squirrels and is just as happy being outside as she is being curled up on the couch or bed.


This is Denali. She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix who loves camping, hiking, and sniffing down wildlife across the Pacific Northwest. Denali was born with a rare condition called megasophgus, but she doesn’t let that slow her down one bit!


Bluebelle – or Blueberry – is an aloof floof who loves walks next to the creek in the woods, sunbathing, and sitting on humans right when they are about to get up. She can be sassy and sweet, much like a Sour Patch Kid, though she is aging like a fine cheese.


Once upon a time, when Loki was just a young pup, it seemed that he would not be a shedding dog. By the time he was one and a half, he had proved just how very much of a shedding dog he actually is. Now, at the age of 9, he shares his fur with all humans and objects while happily inhabiting anything with a cushion or extra blanket. He adores hiking, playing in the river, anything that squeaks, and howling with excitement at his human companions. He is terrified of bees.

Marshmallow, Pumpkin & Lemon

Otherwise known as the three little pigs, Marshmallow, Pumpkin and Lemon live their best lives in Golden, Colorado. They love to squeak songs and eat salads, particularly kale and cucumbers. Daily activities include sitting on laps, dandelion nibbling and napping in hidey huts. 

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