Adventure for Someone Program Transition: A Letter to Supporters

For nearly two decades, the Summit for Someone (SFS) program has supported BCM’s mission to provide transformative outdoor experiences for youth by mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts in adventure-based fundraising campaigns. During that time, the SFS model has successfully connected the dots between personal adventures and a collective commitment to improve access to and equity in outdoor spaces.

However, as peer-to-peer fundraising programs have grown in popularity, the space has become increasingly crowded and competitive. Additional pressures related to increasing guide fees and the challenges of climate change have led to a reality where the traditional SFS model is no longer as effective for BCM as it used to be, nor is it offering participants the level of accessibility or specialness we believe is possible.

Adventure for Someone (AFS) is the customizable counterpart to SFS that has been around for years but largely in the shadow of the more well-known SFS program. However, AFS was designed with inclusivity at its core. Because it is virtually unlimited in who can participate and the degree to which it scales, it is much more consistent with BCM’s organizational values. So, beginning in 2022, BCM will pilot a new way of doing adventure-based fundraising. Rather than running two separate fundraising programs – SFS and AFS – AFS will take center stage as the primary way outdoor adventurers and nature lovers can support BCM doing what they love to do best. 

Unlike SFS, AFS is a fully customizable program wherein anyone can participate and combine any activity they choose with a fundraising goal of any amount. Anyone and everyone who is passionate about both their personal relationship with the outdoors and sharing those associated benefits with others is invited to create a fundraising campaign that will help provide similar outdoor experiences for youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity. There is no minimum contribution, so we envision a broad community of participants that feel welcome and inspired to get involved as they are able.

For those interested, the refreshed Adventure for Someone program will feature a series of incentives that correlate with various fundraising levels. One of the incentive levels will feature a guided trip that builds on our traditional SFS experiences. At lower levels of fundraising, incentives include exciting gear options and gift cards.

The new model offers unique and experiential incentives – from gear testing expeditions with editors of Backpacker magazine to BCM-style overnight adventures hosted by BCM instructors and staff, these experiences are one-of-a-kind and truly special. Backpacker magazine, a founding partner of the SFS program, is reinvesting in this effort by hosting expeditions specifically for BCM’s adventure fundraising community.

So, what does this mean for 2022? The 2022 season will serve as a bridge year between the traditional SFS program and the new program model based on Adventure for Someone and a corresponding set of re-imagined incentives. There will be four traditional SFS trips on offer in 2022 with registration and a pre-set fundraising commitment, all available on a first-come, first-served basis. For 2023 and beyond, SFS-style trips will still be available but only offered as incentives for hitting specific fundraising benchmarks through the AFS program.


2022 Traditional SFS Trips

(available Tuesday, January 11)

Location Dates Fundraising Commitment
Mount Hood June 21-22 $3000 // due May 21
Mount Whitney June 20-22 $2500 // due May 20
Grand Teton July 19-22 $4000 // due June 19
Mount Rainier July 19-22 $4000 // due June 19


AFS will launch simultaneously and feature the aforementioned set of incentives based on fundraising achievement at various levels. We’ll also encourage and incentivize AFS participants to campaign and adventure in small groups, making the fundraising and physical challenges more fun and attainable.

Please see below for a more detailed program timeline:

  • January 11, 2022:
    • Traditional SFS trips open for registration
    • NOTE: fundraising commitment must be met one month prior to trip start date
  • March 1, 2022:
    • Adventure for Someone official season launch
  • August 1, 2022:
    • AFS incentive eligibility window closes
    • All SFS trips complete
    • To be considered for AFS incentives, fundraising contributions must be submitted to open campaigns by 11:59pm on July 31, 2022.
  • Fall 2022:
    • Product-based incentives shipped to all qualifying campaign participants
    • Registration process for experiential incentives opens
  • Winter 2022: 
    • Next season of AFS incentives queued


Start planning your 2022 Adventure for Someone adventure!

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