Bay Area Programming Gets A New Basecamp

Written by Jenna Topper, California Regional Program Manager

Richmond Storage Area Pre-Move 

For the past decade, our California program has been operating entirely out of a small storage unit at Richmond Storage Pro. Jam-packed with gear, this space held memories from years of BCM expeditions and gear days for program staff. While it has served us well, the changes in our program approach and expansion of program offerings called for a new space. 

This past weekend, a small group of hard-working volunteers supported our move to our new location at Terminal 4 Recreation Area. We are excited for this transition for several reasons, it offers access to water and electricity, camping opportunities for instructors and students, and greater space for gear. There’s a lot to be stoked about, although, as the CA RPM, the thing that personally excites me the most is the opportunity for this new location to showcase the beauty of Richmond.

Shelving makes its way to the new space with lots of teamwork! 

As a former resident of the area, I found my sanctuary in the shoreline views and next-door nature spaces that Richmond offers. BCM’s programs are intended to provide students with an opportunity to strengthen their relationships with nature, themselves, and their communities. And while backcountry locations have a lot to offer, we continue to evolve programs to support nature connections close to home. The expansion of programs to include day trips and overnight camping in local regional and state parks is a part of the effort, and now, with this location change, the benefits of nature can be experienced from the very first day to the very last moment. 

Morning start to Day 4 of the CA Gear Storage Move! 

At our new Basecamp at Terminal 4, the beauty of Richmond will be the backdrop to every trip, send off and return, and therefore, serve as a reminder that while there is a lot to see outside the city, there will always be an opportunity for nature connection waiting at home. Terminal 4 has greenery, a fresh breeze, stunning views of the bay, and wildlife too! During our move, volunteers enjoyed visits from several animals including; seals, an owl, pelicans, red tailed hawk, osprey, and frogs! As we look to a trip-filled 2022 season, we are looking forward to all the potential this space has to offer. 

A break for lunch at the new Terminal 4 BCM Basecamp Area 

Special thank you to the volunteers and BCM champions that supported our transition, your dedication to teamwork, attention to detail, and willingness to put the hard work in was pivotal to the success of this move. 

Thank you to XL Construction, your donation of quality shelving lives on in our new space. The shelving fits perfectly and our gear organization is looking better than ever! 

Zodi, the morale-boosting pup, quality checks XL Construction’s shelving, dog approved! 

And lastly, thank you to the Terminal 4 Recreational Area Team for the generosity you’ve offered with the new space. We are excited for years to come in our new home! 

And at last, the after!


Nate Ballard, BCM National Volunteer Council Member, helps load shoes into the Uhaul 



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