Adventure for Someone

Get Started Now with a Challenge of Your Choosing

In just a few minutes, you can be ready to Adventure for Someone. That means you’ll be raising funds for Big City Mountaineers through a custom giveback campaign as you hike, backpack, paddle or do whatever you’re passionate about. Whether you’re heading out with friends, bonding with coworkers or going solo, you’ll be supporting our mission of providing transformative experiences for youth from disinvested communities.

Curious about how others have adventured? See past fundraisers

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Making a difference feels even better when you can do it with some well-earned BCM swag.

How to Adventure for Someone

Choose Your Adventure

Pick something that challenges, motivates and excites you. Because that’s what makes your adventure compelling to donors too!

Make It Official

Once you have a plan, let’s get going! Sign up through our form, sign your waiver and we can really make it happen.

Set a Fundraising Goal

Much like your adventure, how much you expect to raise is all about balancing the challenging with the attainable. Once you set up your fundraising page, it will track all contributions.

Rally Your Network

Ask your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to show their support and their financial contributions. Our resources page has advice on how to spread the word.

Go Adventure!

You've planned, trained and raised funds for a challenge and a cause you believe in. Now it's time to live your adventure!​

A Variety of Adventure to Inspire Yours

  • No one's gone on that adventure yet.
    Maybe you could be the first!

This is The Difference You Will Help Us Make


“I realized just how much I liked nature. I never knew how much before, but being out there and seeing the stars in the night sky – I really liked it!”


“I’ve never felt so appreciated in my life.”


“She thought to herself ‘this is great, this is so awesome!’ as she faced a challenge and conquered it by her own strength.”

Here’s to an adventure to remember. Are you ready?

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