Youth Agency Partner Profile: Banaadir Math and Science Academy

Did you know that Minneapolis is home to one of the largest Somali immigrant populations in the country? Banaadir Math and Science Academy is a charter school in Minneapolis that primarily serves Somali immigrant youth. This school is committed to providing quality education to these young, multilingual learners while respecting their cultural values – which is why we’re proud to have Banaadir Math and Science Academy as a youth agency partner. This summer, Banaadir students will venture into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on a seven-day expedition with Big City Mountaineers.

Walking into a middle school art class at Banaadir Math and Science Academy, the room feels alive with music, movement, laughter, and spirited conversation. Watching artists mix paint colors and locate supplies, you’ll likely notice the collaboration occurring all around you: rather than each student working exclusively on his or her own project, everyone is helping each other. Three or four students are painting on the same canvas, and one student is directing others as they all cover a sculpture in paper-mache. Creation is a collective experience for these students, and these cooperative classroom habits will help them co-create memorable backcountry experiences for one another on their expedition.

Although canoeing and wilderness travel may be new for some of these students, they’re ready to meet the challenges that come with wilderness exploration – and they’ll have the support of trusted adults and professional wilderness guides along the way. Their supportive, group-oriented attitude will serve them well as they embark on this new adventure exploring one of Minnesota’s greatest assets. We’re excited to have Banaadir Math and Science Academy as a partner, and we look forward to sharing their transformative experiences with you later this summer!

Practice session for BCM Expedition with Banaadir students.

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